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Rachel Cunard

(BHSc NutDMed)

  • Rachel Cunard

Rachel is a Clinical Nutritionist with a passion for improving how people feel in their daily lives.

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Anastasia Rosete (BHSc Nat)

  • LinkedIn

Anastasia is a Bachelor of Health science in Naturopathy, with interest in natural and alternative medicine.

Nutritionist Rachel Cunard. Naturopath Anastasia Rosete

Meet the Team!

The Nutrient Collective is health and wellness brand, soon to be supplement company and a platform for a supportive health and wellness community. 

We offer one on one consultations where we aim to get to the root cause of what is causing your presenting symptoms.

From here we model a treatment plan to suit you. Our goal at The Nutrient Collective is to provide you will the knowledge, tools and supplements to live a happier, symptom free life.


Our Practice

Many people live with health conditions which impact their day to day lives. Even if you don’t think you have a ‘condition’. If you experience PMS, acne, poor sleep, mood swings, bloating, etc… we're counting these as conditions! 


Sure, these things are normal in the sense that lots of people suffer with them today – but that doesn’t mean that they ARE normal and that we are meant to suffer with them!


The body is intricate, with its different body systems affecting each other more than we could ever know. As a holistic health practitioner, we work to discover the ROOT of what is causing you problems, instead of simply treating the symptoms, which only temporarily masks what is going on. This prevents symptoms from reoccurring and provides long term relief using specific nutrients in foods, supplementation, and lifestyle choices.

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