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8 Tips to start your journey towards healthy eating

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

If you have been struggling with stress eating due to the pandemic, or maybe you just want to change some old habits, here is a list of my top tips for getting you on the path to a healthier version of you.

1. Drink more water

Drinking water is important for our physical and mental state, studies have shown that a fluid loss of 1.4% after exercise impaired both mood and concentration, it also increased the frequency of headaches. Drinking water can also increase satiety and may slightly boost metabolic rate! For an average goal I try to reach 2-2.5L every day.

2. Plan your meals

You can aim to have nutritionally well-balanced meals throughout the week, for example you can make sure each of your lunch and dinners have the right amount of carbs/proteins/fats. Planning meals in advanced has other benefits such as being able to cook in bulk and freezing left-overs, which can save you time and money!

3. Limit intake of processed/sugary foods

Pre-packaged and processed food often come with a high sugar, salt or fat content and little to no nutritional value. This can have a detrimental impact to our health and can contribute to health issues such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. These foods can be easily swapped out for healthy versions. Of course, I am always about balance and I’m not the type of person that can easily say no to chocolate but the key is to make it a ‘sometimes’ food, and to make sure it doesn’t take up a large portion of your daily calorie intake!

4. Have some Healthy snacks in your cupboard

This tip is a great one for those who love to graze all day, some examples can be nuts/seeds dried fruit, fresh fruit, cut up veggies with your favourite dips, home-made bliss balls or chia pudding, yogurt etc. My list could go on as I actually do enjoy snacking during the day, this tip may not be for everyone as some prefer eating 3 big meals and that’s fine too, but if you get hungry between meals, instead of reaching for a doughnut try one of the above options instead 😊

5. Include a variety of fruits and vegetables into your diet daily

The World Health Organisation recommends eating 5 portions of fruits and vegetables everyday (a portion size is 80g). There are plenty of reasons to make this your goal throughout the day; - lowers the risk of health problems such as heart disease and cancer, they are full of vitamins and minerals and they are a great source of fibre (helps keep you regular)

6. Watch your portion sizes

This one can be a little tricky for some, research suggests that cultural and social norms can make it hard to choose appropriate portion sizes. portion sizes in restaurant meals, take-out foods and snacks have increased drastically making it difficult to know how much to eat on our plates at home. My general rule is; Carbs- around ½ cup, protein- size of your palm, and as many veggies as you like.

7. Educate yourself

One thing I find extremely in being able to maintain your healthy eating routine Is knowing what is going into our bodies. By taking the time to educate yourself about nutrition, you’ll be much better able to choose a diet that Is right for your health.

8. Don’t punish yourself for slip-ups

Remember these are tips you will keep for life, the important thing is to enjoy the journey and slipping up from time to time is a natural part of life, the important thing is being able to pick yourself back up and continue your path to a healthier you.

If you want more advice on starting your journey

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